Grade 9 applied summer learning institutes - Plenary sessions

The Plenary sessions at the Grade 9 Applied Summer Institutes were intended to share the learning from the project with participants.

Dr. Chris Suurtamm

Dr. Chris Suurtamm was the lead researcher for the Grade 9 Applied project. The following videos highlight the plenary sessions she presented at the 2016 summer institutes.

© 2016 University of Ottawa

Dr. Martha Koch

Numerous PLCs found the book The Five Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions, by Smith and Stein (2011), a useful resources. Dr. Martha Koch shares a presentation on the Five Practices and different ways it can be used when considering the teaching and learning of Grade 9 Applied mathematics. The following video is available for viewing:

© 2016 University of Manitoba

Dr. Alison Macaulay

Dr. Alison Macaulay shared her research on the teaching and learning of Grade 9 Applied mathematics in Ontario. The following videos are available for viewing:

The Drive to Improve Grade 9 Applied Math Results: What’s all the fuss about? (7:27)

Character Study of Grade 9 Applied Math (2:06)

Strategies that work in Grade 9 Applied Mathematics (17:19)

Battling the Applied Stereotype (5:41)

photo taken during Plenary session 2016

* all photos taken at the Summer Institutes and used with permission of participants