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Plenary Sessions


Activities for School Professional Learning Communities

Battling the Applied Stereotype

Character Study of Grade 9 Applied Mathematics

Effective Ways to Engage In Professional Learning

Five Practices Plenary Session OAME Grade 9 Applied Summer Institute

The Drive to Improve Grade 9 Applied Mathematics Results: What's all the fuss about?

Overview and Focus of the Grade 9 Applied Collaborative Inquiry Project

Overview of Effective Classroom Practices

Some Good News: Ontario Performance in Mathematics in International Assessments

Strategies That Work In Grade 9 Applied Mathematics




Administration - Identified Themes

Administration - Introduction

Administration - Practices and Impact

Administration - Taking Risks




Assessment - Assessing While Spiraling

Assessment - Blank Assessments

Assessment - Conferencing with Students

Assessment - Developing Proficiency Quizzes

Assessment - Different School Presentations

Assessment - EQAO Check Points

Assessment - Learning Goals Success Criteria

Assessment - Open Response Question


Continuum Of Learning


Continuum Of Learning - Sequencing Expectations

Continuum Of Learning - Track Problem

Continuum of Learning - Transition Plan for Grade 8 Students


Creating Dialogue


Creating Dialogue - Gains

Creating Dialogue - Monthly Meetings


Examining Student Thinking


Examining Student Thinking- Clarence's Quandary


Extending Professional Learning


Extending Professional Learning - The Knowledgeable Other


Lesson Study


Lesson Study - Lesson Gone Wrong

Lesson Study - Plan Observe Debrief

Lesson Study - Rich Tasks


Making Thinking Visible


Making Thinking Visible - Four Block Solution

Making Thinking Visible - Manipulatives in High School

Making Thinking Visible - Mindset Activity

Making Thinking Visible - Quizlet app

Making Thinking Visible - The Taxman Problem

Making Thinking Visible - The Thinking Classroom

Making Thinking Visible: Mindset Celebration

Making Thinking Visible: Mindset Instructions


Rearranging the Curriculum


Rearranging the Curriculum - Spiralling through the curriculum PLB

Rearranging the Curriculum - Reordering Units

Rearranging the Curriculum - Spiralling BM

Rearranging the Curriculum - Spiralling the Curriculum

Rearranging the Curriculum - Weaving a Thread

Rearranging the Curriculum - Spiralling for the first time


Rich Tasks


Rich Tasks - Anticipating

Rich Tasks - Benefits and Pitfalls

Rich Tasks - Connecting

Rich Tasks - Monitoring

Rich Tasks - Planning Considerations

Rich Tasks: Selecting & Sequencing




Desmos Activity Presenter Tutorial

Desmos Cardsort Presenter Tutorial

Explain Everything Presenter Tutorial

Knowledgehook Presenter Tutorial

NearPod Presenter Tutorial

Padlet Presenter Tutorial


Working Across the Grades


Working Across Grades - Carrying Learning Forward

Working Across Grades - Consistency


* all photos taken at the Summer Institutes and used with permission of participants